Santa’s 10 considerations for maintaining trade secrets at the North Pole:

  1. Restrict access to facility by choosing remote location.
  2. Make the Elves sign Confidentiality Agreements as part of the hiring process.
  3. Have robust exit interviews with all departing elves, reminding them of their obligations to keep “reindeer games” secrets.
  4. Insist that gift wrapping specialists with prior experience at competitors like the Three Kings or Saint-Nicholas are properly screened/briefed.
  5. Further restrict access to gift development/storage facilities with candy cane key fobs.
  6. Share secret reindeer feed formula on a “need to know” basis.
  7. Social media policy (what elves shouldn’t discuss/photograph), if only not to spoil the surprise.
  8. No single elf should know the entire process for packing the sled — divide this information into describe segments and share each among many elves.
  9. Never disclose your secret for still fitting down chimneys despite eating millions of cookies on one night.
  10. Good intentions for the new year are fine, but put them on paper.

Note that this reflects good practices, but each situation and company is different and this is not intended to provide legal advice to any particular situation.