1.  Clearly label Christmas cards as “Confidential” if these contain secret wishes.

2.  Amend Confidentiality Agreements and Employee Manual to include the required Whistleblower language – those elves have rights.

3.  Have robust exit interviews with all departing elves, reminding them of their obligations to keep “reindeer games” secret.

4.  Insist that expert toy makers are warned not to reveal secret information while enjoying (too much) mulled wine with ‘Happy Holidays’-industry peers.

5.  Further restrict access to the Sleigh Packing Room with candy cane key fobs.

6.  Share Mrs. Claus’ secret eggnog formula on a “need to know” basis.

7.  Any elf who wants to use personal electronics needs to have snooper software installed – to make sure they aren’t naughty.

8.  No single elf should know how the surveillance network of the world’s children works — divide this information into discrete segments and share each among many elves.

9.  Install trackers on the reindeer collars, to make sure none of them are being smuggled off to a competitor for reverse engineering.

10. Make sure the elves comply with the wish list retention and destruction policy.

Note that this reflects good and merry practices, but each situation and company is different and this is not intended to provide legal advice to any particular situation.