In the most recent installment of the long running saga between Waymo and Uber over autonomous vehicle technology, Waymo has accused Uber of intentionally withholding evidence from discovery. Specifically, Waymo alleges that Uber failed to produce a letter of resignation from its former Global Intelligence Manager, Richard Jacobs. Waymo asserts that the letter is “[e]vidence that the Jacobs documents [that allegedly had been taken from Waymo and ultimately brought to Uber] were broadly known within Uber … [and] would confirm that these documents were not mistakenly withheld (as Uber’s witnesses have claimed), but that they were instead intentionally concealed as part of an overall cover-up.” The existence of the letter and related correspondence came to light when a prosecutor, working on a separate (criminal) investigation, turned it over to U.S. District Judge William Alsup, the presiding judge in the civil case. Judge Alsup has not yet ruled on Waymo’s motion.