The EU Whistleblower Directive: A Burden or an Opportunity?

Tension between the protection of whistleblowers and the protection of trade secrets?        

Companies should see the obligations set out in the EU Whistleblower Directive regarding internal reporting channels as an opportunity rather than a burden. Having an internal tool to facilitate detection of possible misconduct at an early stage and to maintain control over that issue internally is useful and to be welcomed. External reporting and public disclosures, on the other hand, can lead to leaks of sensitive or confidential information, such as trade secrets, and could thus harm the business. It is important, therefore, that companies understand that whistleblowers are – under certain conditions – also protected when publicly disclosing trade secrets. By setting-up internal reporting channels, as well as diligently following up on incoming reports, companies improve their ability to remedy any issues internally before the company’s reputation or interests are damaged.

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